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A Meteringpoint defined either a clearly position in the supply network, or a merger of measuring points (virtual Meteringpoint). Thus every Meteringpoint is associated to exactly one medium or Network operator. When the user creates a Distributing plant, so system-Meteringpoint for the Distributing plant sums and differences automatically.


Each created Meteringpoint need a Meteringpoint license. System Meteringpoints not require a license. For Licensing or associating to a Location or even mediums, is a Licence manager available.

Meteringpoint id

Each Meteringpoint have a 33 digits Meteringpoint id. The id contains the country-code ISO 3166 (2 digits), the number of the distribution system operators (6 digits), postcode (5 digits) and the Meteringpoint number (20 digits).

Types of Meteringpoints

The following types are distinguished according to the data source:



Use in Structure

multisys-BM Data source is an automatic reading device (eBus, Modbus, OPC) Yes
Mobil The measuring point can be assigned to a reading area and is recorded manually. Yes
File Data will be imported (MSCONS). Yes
Calculated Data will be calculated. No

Add Meteringpoint

To add a new Meteringpoint is minimum 1 free Meteringpoint license needed.

  • Navigate to Acquisition -> Location -> medium -> Meteringpoints
  • Use the button 
  • visual energy differentiate between following types:
    • multisys-BM:  Automatically reading measuring point. A Busmaster manage the measuring device.
    • Calculated: Calculated virtual Meteringpoint
    • mobil Meteringpoint: Manual counter Acquisition via the visual energy Android App
    • File Meteringpoint:  Energy data will be requested from a measuring point or network operator, or as made a MSCONS file available.
    • Network operator: Selection of the network operator.
    • ID: Proposal of a Meteringpoint ID
    • Name: Freely selectable name for the Meteringpoint
    • Nummer: Additionally possibility of a meter number e.g. reviously used meter number.
    • Installation point: Location of the measuring point.
    Check the information and complete the set up.

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