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What will be licensed?

The license for our product visual energy Starter activates the application and the optionally function eBus OPC Server (Server & Client).

The license for visual energy license the application and Meteringpoints. The association of Meteringpoints to a Location take place inside the application with the Licence manager. In addition, for special scenarios, the license option Cloud can be licensed. In contrast to the Standard license, then you can create, as many as desired projects.

For activation, the product has to be installed first. Please have the license key ready. You can find it on a separate from include in the scope of delivery.

Automatic licensing

Basically, the licensing can be done by the user. The activation be done almost automatically, as long as the network settings don’t block it (=Automatic licensing).

Manual licensing

If network limitations or company guidelines impede the automatic licensing, the license files has to be copied and transferred to another PC with an internet connection to up and download the files (=Manual licensing).

Migrating the license

The license is linked to the system, on which the software was installed. Should will be used another hardware or the hardware will be changed in the basically parts, e.g. CPU, then you could Migrating the license. For that the license will be given back and will be licensed on the new system afterwards.

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