visual energy 5 and the KBR system:
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Safety as a guarantor for successful energy management

visual energy 5 offers you a variety of important monitoring functions that help you to always keep your energy costs under control. A clear permission management, TÜV certification for ISO 50001 or even the early detection of overloads help you to prevent downtime phases in production and to eliminate potential energy guzzlers.
Safety component:

Residual current monitoring

visual energy 5 signals in good time when the residual current approaches a critical value. This prevents electrical accidents or the shutdown of systems. Regular measurement of the insulation resistance in electrical systems is required by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV, regulation 3).

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Safety component:

Power Quality

Safety and economic efficiency are crucial in business. Technical infrastructures in the form of machines, production facilities or office equipment must function smoothly. visual energy, together with the KBR class A measuring devices and the devices of the multiwave family, creates all the conditions for excellent power quality here.

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Safety component:

Consumption control

The integrated consumption monitoring of visual energy 5 warns in good time of irregularly high or low consumption. The energy manager can store maximum and minimum values to determine an expected target for each measuring point.

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Safety component:

Certified ISO 50001 software

visual energy is certified for the ISO 50001 standard and eligible for funding through BAFA. During the recertification of visual energy, TÜV Süd confirmed the high plausibility and consistency of the energy data as a unique selling point for energy data management systems.

Safety component:

Permission management for user roles

With visual energy 5, you can conveniently create different user roles and thus organize your energy management team according to function and competence. Individual authorizations for access to energy data are possible not only at site level, but down to the individual medium.

Safety component:

KBR safety and maintenance concept secureC©

SecureC is a safety and maintenance concept developed by KBR that ensures maximum safety and high availability for the operation of reactive power compensation systems. Special monitoring functions, together with visual energy 5 and KBR quality products, ensure maximum availability.

Safety component:

KBR safety concept secureF©

Specially developed for monitoring electrical fuses. visual energy 5 ensures permanent control in interaction with KBR eBus devices and immediately notifies when a warning or alarm threshold is reached.

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Safety component:

KBR Smart Maintenance

This service is the radar for your entire energy data management system consisting of hardware and software. For implementation, a KBR team of experts is at your side with concrete recommendations and valuable tips.

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Perfect companion for recording and evaluating electricity consumers.

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Identifying potential for improvement more quickly.

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More awareness of cross-site energy efficiency potentials.


Complete and 100% plausible data from our production.


Thanks to visual energy, we have already been able to save energy in various systems.


Energy data acquisition with open interfaces to building control systems.

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Energy consumption sustainably reduced.


Instant notification when something gets out of hand.


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Evaluating energy flows and finding potential savings immediately.

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Intelligent energy data management.

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User-friendly evaluations.

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Impressed energy management auditor.


Minimal personnel costs with a large information content.


Demonstrate savings potential.

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KPI formation done easily with visual energy.


Uncovering energy potentials.


Perfect toolbox for energy managers.

Siegsdorfer Petrusquelle

All energy costs under control – thanks to visual energy.

Stiftung Attl

Short payback period.

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Simple and clear.


Precise measurement, clear visualization and elimination of excessive consumption.