eBus OPC Server

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The KBR eBus OPC server is a standard 3.0 DA OPC server. It can transmit instantaneous values of KBR eBus devices to any OPC client. The eBus OPC server is available in two versions:

Both versions are options that require a license. The OPC server can be activated without a license for evaluation purposes but then it deactivates after 60 minutes. The functionality of the two versions is identical. Typically, the Busmaster with the eBus OPC server is not located in a domain but runs in so-called workgroup operation. So that clients can establish an OPC connection, the OPC client user account needs to also be available on the server in the DCOM user group with the identical user name and password. DCOM user can be created among other things with the telnet configuration.

In addition, the typical DCOM configurations and firewall settings have to be made on the client system.

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