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The project is the highest layer in the organization of visual energy. By default maximum one project can be created. Should host a system more projects, you need the license option cloud. Then a visual energy server is available to manage several projects.

Creating project

The creating of a project take place in the system area with the Licence manager.

  1. Click on the button  in the project area.
  2. Follow the instruction of the assistant for creating a project

Changing project settings

You can edit the project settings in the Acquisition area. Click on the project and display the project settings. Here are different possibilities, e.g. to change the name of the project.

Deleting project

Please note, that only projects can be deleted, which have no references to other objects like Location etc.
You can delete the project in the Acquisition area. Click on the project and show the project settings. With the button  the project can be deleted.

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