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visual energy / visual energy Starter / Busmaster

The software (Busmaster, visual energy Starter, visual energy) is either completely finished on an appropriate hardware (multisys) or will be delivered on medium (CD, USB).

The installation take place with an installation program (Setup.exe), which check the System requirements and accompanies you through the installation process subsequently.

For the installation you need administrator permissions and you should know the MS Internet Information Server (IIS), for example for configuration the App-Pool. If the data should not did store with the free SQL Express Version, so you need administrator permissions for the intended MS SQL Server.

We suggest the installation KBR Support.

Excel Add In

The installation of the Excel Add In take place with the program (Setup.exe), which download is available on the visual energy Server. You can find the Link for the download in the top-toolbar . For the installation you need local administrator permission. The setup program check the System requirements.

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