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for visual energy

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The Add In enables the access to energy data of the energy System from Excel functions. With a series of special functions, own individual evaluations can be created and updated per press a button. It can be worked with a Project explorer. Furthermore there are several predefined queries available.

Following points are notable by using the Add In:

Set up connection

For using all functions, first you have to set up the connection to visual energy webserver:


After the installation of the Add In, in Excel a new toolbar can be found:

Area Function Description
Documents Open from Web Loads Excel documents from a visual energy document directory.
Documents Save in Web Save Excel documents in a visual energy 4 document directory
Data View Project Project Explorer display / hide
Data View Meteringpoint Dialog display Meteringpoint Info
Data View Assignments Open a Dialog for editing Cost centers / Energy benefits
List Objects New table sheet with e.g. paste Meteringpoints of a Medium
List Reports New table sheet with e.g. paste Cost centers
List Templates Open example templates
Settings Server / Project Settings for the server connection
Settings Version-Info Shows the current Add In version
Settings Check Connection Enables to check the connection to visual energy 4 web service
Calculation Manual / Automatic Change between the calculate mod automatic and manual

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