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In visual energy, a Network operator is that is responsible for the supply network. That is usually the delivery counter of the local Network Operator. After the delivery counter to the individual consumer, you are typical responsible. Thus most in the program the own company will be created as a Network Operator.

  • The Network operator will be associated to exactly one Medium. In individual cases the Network Operator is responsible for different supply mediums, so he has to be created multiple.
  • Network operators will be associated to a Location. A Location require valid Network Operators with this address.
  • The Network operator Number is part of the Meteringpoint-ID

Create Network Operator

  •  Name: Any Name
  • Number: 6 digits Network Operator Number. This will be a part of the Meteringpoint-ID for creating a Meteringpoint.
  • Medium: Selection of a OBIS-A System Medium
  • URL: Any enter of an URL to the website of the Network Operator
  • Address: Associated address of the Network Operator

Following information will be required to exchange EDIFACT messages with the Network Operator. These will be used in individual message formats like ORDERS or MSCONS.

  • MP-ID: market partner-ID of the Network Operator.
  • MP-MEMBER-ID: issuing organization
  • MP-ID System: market partner-ID of visual energy from point of view of the Network Operator
  • MP-MEMBER-ID System: issuing organization
  • Code list responsible agency: Selection of the responsible organization.
  • Version APERAK
  • Version CONTRL
  • Version MSCONS
  • Version ORDERS

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