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UN/EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) is a cross-industry international standard for the format of electronic data in business transaction. EDIFACT is one of several international EDI-Standards. A UN-Institution called CEFACT, is responsible for the EDIFACT-Standard, who is affiliated to UNECE.

EDIFACT message type

Basic standardization conception of EDIFACT is that there are uniformly message types. Their name is (UNSM) United Nations Standard Message. In so-called Subsets, the message types can be specified industry-specific deeper in their forms. A selection of the supported message types, which has the same short name of 6 letters, is below.


  • CONTRL – Syntax-check and feedback of arrival of the message (Syntax and Service report for automatic EDI-Process, English control)
  • APERAK – technical error message and acknowledgement (Application error and acknowledgement message)

Data transfer

  • MSCONS – consumption meter values (metered service consumption report message)
  • ORDERS – Order (purchase order message)

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