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In visual energy a Cost center or Energy benefit are possibilities to associate consumptions of a Meteringpoint to a logical business unit. Between Cost centers and Energy benefit is no functional difference. Normally companies use Cost centers to associate arising consumptions to a causer. On the other hand Energy benefit is used to associate this to a usage type, e.g. heat, cool, production etc.

Meteringpoints has to be associated to a Distributing plant at an output of type ‘consumer’. So visual energy ensures, that amount of energy not accidental flow in Cost centers multiple.

Cost centers can be managed hierarchical. The sums will be transmitted to the respective parent element.

You can find Cost centers and Energy benefit in the Evaluation area.

General settings

With the button  in the toolbar, can be set general settings. That includes, what OBIS measured values be processed by Cost centers, as well as settings for the Cost centers export.

Create new Cost center

  1. Navigate to the Cost centers in the Evaluation area.
  2. Use the button 
  3. Set a Cost center number, a name, as well as the permissions.

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