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With the automatic export, per Project an individual regular export of the Cost centers can be defined. The configuration is divided in two steps:

  1. Global set up of the export targets (directories / receiver)
  2. Set up of the measured values, which are to export.

Global set up: configuration file

On the visual energy 4 webserver, in the directory [Programs]\KBR\ve4 Application Services\Config\ is the file cc_export_default.xml. With this file, can be determined the export fields of CSV, the separator, as well as the output directory or receiver:

<FIELDSETS default="1">

This section contains the field definition. There can be created multiple definitions. Each definition owns a clear ID. If nothing is specified by the respective Meteringpoint, so the ID who was set by FILEDSETS default= will be used.

<FIELDSET id="1" seperator=";"..

Section for the first field definition with following properties:

  • id, clear number ID
  • culture, either “de-De” or “en-US”, defines the output language and number format
  • seperator, for example “;” or “,”
<FIELD id="UtcTime" format="yyyy-MM-ddTHH-mm" />

Details of the field to be exported. Possible fields area:

  • UtcStartTime, format: y M d H m
  • LocalStartTime, format: y M d H m
  • UtcEndTime, format: y M d H m
    LocalEndTime, format: y M d H m
  • Value, format: N3
  • Status
  • Location, format: ID, Name
  • ObisCode, format: Shortname, Code
  • Unit
  • CostCenter, format: Number, Name
  • MeteringPoint, format: Identification
  • Quantity, format: N1

Close the sector of the individual field definitions.


Close the sector of the field definitions.

{STRINGCACHE:MD5:0bc63b996d3455d1b2cc7b45385f62f4} {STRINGCACHE:MD5:1eb2ae29666ee2b2bf7916cf52e6f2a1}

Receiver definition with following properties:

  • file, FALSE or TRUE depending on, whether a file output is to be made.
  • mail, FALSE or TRUE depending on, whether a mail shipping is to be made.
  • csv-export-directory=”c:\temp\csvexport”, details of the csv export directory
  • mscons-export-directory=”c:\temp\msconsexport”, details of the mscons export directory
  • mscons-sender-id=”1111111111111″, mandatory detail when MSCONS export
    mscons-recipient-id=”2222222222222″, mandatory detail when MSCONS export
  • mailto=””, details of the mail receiver.
  • mailfrom=””, details of the mail sender.

Close the sector of the individual receiver definitions.


Close the sector of the receiver definitions.


Sector for individual definitions, when a Meteringpoint shouldn’t determinate by default, rather contains an own definition.



  • id=”DE1111112222200000000000000000000″, details of an existing Meteringpoint.
  • recipient-id=”1″, reference to the <RECIEPIENT> defined receiver.
  • fieldset-id=”1″, reference to the <FIELDSET> defined field definition.

Close the sector of individual definitions.

Global set up: Export date

As a registered user in the User role System administrator SA, the Automation can be set up for the check of cyclical export orders. With the task “measuring data export”, the interval (1:00:00 = daily) as well as the date can be defined.

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