multimess D4

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The multimess D4 is a multimeter for DIN rail mounting. As a competitively priced output-side measuring device, it can measure all typical alternating and direct current parameters of consumers. You can connect the optional multimess F96-DS display with a ready-made RJ12 cable. This way, no complicated wiring of the voltage and, most importantly, current path from the transformer to the door is necessary. Up to 10 measuring modules can be read out and displayed. Connection between the modules is also established via ready-made RJ12 cables. Power supply of the measuring device is provided by the measuring voltage. A separate control voltage is not necessary. If the multimess D4is connected to the multisio D6 instead of to the display, the former serves as a load profile memory (P+ -/ Q+ Q-) and an eBus interface. Five measuring modules can be connected to each central storage module.

This device supports folowing technics:

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