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The device-family mutlimess contains electric mutlimeter in different types. The device of the D-Series (d4, D6, D9) are conceived for the montage top-hat rail, while the of the F-Series conceived for the front mounting in control cabinet doors.

Device type Montage KBR
eBus Modbus
multimess D4 Top-hat rail, 4TE x
multimess D6 Top-hat rail, 6TE x x
multimess D9-PQ Top-hat rail, 9TE x
multimess F96 Control cabinet doors, 96×96 x x
multimess F144 Control cabinet doors, 144×144 x x

The following solutions and procedures are supported for operation on the eBus:

Device type SecureF Extreme values Load profile
multimess D4 x1 x1
multimess D6 x x
multimess D9-PQ
multimess F96 x x x
multimess F144 x x x

1.) Only in operation at multisio D6

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