Manual counter reading

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The manual counter reading, either takes place via the Read sector for a list of read meter, or via a web-form for an individual measuring point. The acquisition and enter is basically possible at all OBIS measured values of the type meter reading.

Read individual measured points via web-form

  1. Navigate to the Acquisition area and to the desired OBIS measured value of type meter reading (Meteringpoint list or Distributing plant) and select this.
  2. Use the button  to show the form for enter the meter reading. The form will be shown in a new browser tab. You can copy the URL in the address line to go to the form every time. The copied URL can be sent with an ‘eMail send’-Workflow to a reader to ask him for reading.
  3. Enter the read meter reading and click on the button ‘Save’.
  4. Check the entered information and confirm this with ‘Save’:

Reading sector manual record and enter

Measuring points of a Read sector will be normally recorded, plausibilized and transfer with visual energy Mobile. But it is possible to do this manual. After all meter readings are written down, they can be recorded via the Read sector:

  1. Navigate to the Location medium in the Acquisition area and show the list of Meteringpoints.
  2. Use the button  in the toolbar to go to the Read sector.
  3. Select the Read sector of the list in the toolbar.
  4. Show with the button  the Workflows for the Read sector and use the request-workflow for the Read sector. Alternatively, the request-workflows of the OBIS measured values can be used.

Attention, this description is not yet actually!

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