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visual energy 4 mobile is an App for the Mobile counter reading via an Android smartphone or tablet. The integration or the data transfer of a large number ob manually read measuring points take place very comfortable. Coupled the user his smartphone via QR Code on the screen with visual energy, so all his associated Read sectors and counter will be transfer via UMTS or WLAN. After this, the reading process can be started without a permanent connection. While the reading, takes place an automatically check of plausibility. So reading failure will be prevent. Additional the read meter readings and their resulting consumptions has to confirm via visual energy Web from a user, before they be final processed.

The using of the app is very easy, because of the graphical enter, the recording of many points is no problem. Additional, the reading points can identify via QR-Code, so a typical source of be are reduced.

Download and installation

The Android App will not be installed via Google Play App store, it will be installed via The App is usable in connection of visual energy and can downloaded free here (ZIP archive, contains .APK file for installation of an Android device)

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