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Firmware-Updates can have benefits, but always there is the risk to lose data and settings or even destroy the device.

That’s why updates only execute after the consultation with KBR. KBR gives no guarantee for not authorized Firmware-Updates

We propose to send us the device or let KBR Service update your device. But should it necessary in individual case, so the Firmware-Update can be execute in the Expert mode in the Busmaster.

For this you chose only in the subsequent form the Firmware for the respective device and load it on the local memory. Subsequently, the Firmware can be uploaded to the Busmaster via this button  in the Expert mode.

Then with the button ‘AutoFindFirmwareText’, the current segment check, if a downloaded update match to one of the connected Bus devices. The device not has to be the exactly same device type with an earlier version. Now, the update process can be started, for one or all listed Bus devices, with the button .

Please note, that normally the updated device has to been connected and configured new!

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