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User roles

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visual energy has an ingenious User management. Each user has to be member of minimum one user role. In visual energy the functions and permissions are controlled via user roles. With the exception of the project manager and the system administrator, all roles are set to a Location.


NameEnergydata manager
BeschreibungThis role is typically performed by the company's energy manager. In contrast to the role 'EDR', further work such as assigning cost centers can be performed.


NameEnergydata reader
BeschreibungUsers who view energy consumption and load profiles must be at least part of this role.


NameNetdata full
BeschreibungUsers who create and modify distribution must belong to this role. As they can create supply structures and assign meterringpoints, they are also responsible for the correct creation of balancing groups. In practice this role is often carried out by the persons responsible for the company's energy supply.


NameNetdata reader
BeschreibungUsers who need access to distribution structures must be part of this role. Users who belong to the role EDx, must at least have a network data role (NDx) to access distribution structures.


NameNetdata writer
BeschreibungUsers who need access to distribution structures, and assign components there must belong to this role. This role does not allow any changes to the structure itself. In most cases, maintenance personnel are responsible for this role.


NameProject manager
BeschreibungThe project manager is the key user of visual energy. He can perform extensive work for the entire project. These include to add other project users.


BeschreibungThe system administrator is globally responsible for the entire server. Settings he changes in cloud scenarios depending all projects. However, the role does not include other roles such as Project Manager. If a system administrator also has to add project users, he also needs the PM role

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