Time programs


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A Time program is for executing of one or several actions on a Busmaster Location. Per Location, up to 100 Time programs with respective 25 actions can be defined. Time programs are listed in the tab ‘Time programs’ in the Location.

  • Name: Any Time program has his individual name.
  • Validity range: With a start and endpoint it is possible to define Time programs in front. The individual time switches, for example a daily switch, only will be run in the validity range.
  • Type: A Time program can be either form the type ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’. Daily programs has a start as well as an end at the same day. In addition the days of the week has to been select. A weekly program can contain multiple days. Here you have to define the start and end time as day and time (Fr 18.00 to Mo 06.30).
  • Priority: If two Time programs have an effect on the same action, “wins” the Time program with the higher priority (smaller number).

Following functions are available:




Edit settings
Activate time program
Deactivate time program
Move up in the priority list
Move down in the priority list
Delete time program


Add Time program

Use the button  to create a new Time program.


  • Select a Time program
  • Use the button  to add a new action.



Switch Switch group Set the state of an eBus Switch group.
refresh tariffs Enable a tariff on a Busmaster Location.
Activate set point Enable a defined set value of a particular eBus Bus device.
Change set point value Change a defined set value of a particular eBus Bus device.

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