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Symbols are used in visual energy to present Paint objects. 8 symbols ordered about each other forming a Paint object. visual energy is supplied with a symbol library, who can be displayed in the System configuration. Creating or editing with the web interface is currently not possible.

  • Symbols are SVG graphics and can be scaled without loss.
  • Symbols can contain Layers, whose can be faded in and out. Thus you can show dynamic switch positions.
  • Symbols can contain placeholder for Components, or their specific property fields. Thus the user can choose in a Paint object of a Distribution from a list with fitting components. Subsequently the properties of the chosen object will be shown in the symbol.
  • Symbols can contain placeholders for Meteringpoints. In this way the in the Distribution, a Meteringpoint can be associated to a Paint object.
  • Symbols can contain placeholders for resources marks.

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