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A Switch group is a logical summary of eBus or Modulbus relays. Per Location 255 Switch groups exist, at what 200 are free selectable by the user. The Switch groups 201 to 255 are used for Annunciator by the system. Each relay of a eBus device (multimess, multisio, multimax, …) can be associated to a Switch group. The association take place in the respective device properties.


Different actions affect with different priorities to the Switch groups. So a manual switch has a more important priority as a system action, for example.



Manual switch 1
Time programs 2
Device / system action 3


Individual warnings or disorders always affect an additional activation of the higher group. Furthermore, for common disorders as well as common warnings exist a horn and visual indicator. To quote affects the reset of the horn. But each new report affect the horn new. The visual indicator stay active, until the problem is removed.

Group Usage Note
255 Common alert Horn Switch with 250
254 Common alert Visual indicator Switch with 250
253 Hupe Sammelwarnung Switch with 240
252 Common warning Horn Switch with 240
250 Common alert Switch with 249, 245, 244, 243
249 Common alert electr. Network Switch with 248, 247, 246, 245
248 Common alert SecureF Alarm
247 Common alert SecureC Alarm
246 Common alert electr. Power
245 Common alert electr. Network generally
244 Common alert Limit violation
243 Common alert device problem
240 Common warning Switch with 239, 238, 237, 236, 235
239 Common warning SecureF warning
238 Common warning SecureF prewarning
237 Common warning SecureC
236 Common warning electr. Network generally
235 Common warning device problem

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