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visual energy

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Schedules being there in visual energy for the focused starting of Workflows. There are three organization layers, which can be defined for the schedules.

  • System schedules: be effective for the whole system
  • Project schedules: be only effective for the chosen Project
  • Location schedules ( not to confuse with time programs from a Busmaster Location!)

Depending on layer, the definition take place either in the System configuration area or in the Project configuration area.

Create schedule

  • Change to the desired Workspace (Project configuration /  System configuration), depending on creating a Project, Location or System schedule.
  • Use the button 
  • Complete the information in the dialog
    • Name: Any name. The button ‘Standard’ generates a name automatically.
    • Stats at: Basic start of the schedule. Possibility for input of a future date, if the schedule runs just in the future. With the button ‘Now’ the actual date will be entered.
    • Ends at: Basic end of the schedule. If there is a date be entered, the schedule ends to this point. To runs the schedule permanent, the option ‘never’ must be activated.
    • Available: System, Project or Location.
    • daily: Schedule will be active daily
    • calendar (only Project / Location): Information be referred to the Project-calendar or Location-calendar. Possible options:
      • each working day / not working day / Holiday
      • first working day / not working day / Holiday
      • last working day / not working day / Holiday
    • weekly: Enable the selection of one or several week days
    • monthly day: Enable the execution on a particular day.
    • Time of day: Shows on the ‘general’ defined start time.
    • Repeat every: Enable the execution in n minute’s interval of the schedule.

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