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Device family

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The device family multisio, includes eBus and Modulbus-Devices for aquisition and processing of in and output singals (I/O), e.g. analog 4-20mA, o-10V or digital.

To the device family multisio, belongs the central memory module multisio D6, as well as following Modulbus expansion modules

  • multisio D2-4DI, 4-time digital-input
  • multisio D2-4AI, 4-time analog-input
  • multisio D2-4CI, 4-time transformer-input
  • multisio D2-4TI, 4-time temperature-input
  • multisio D2-4RO, 4-time relays-output  4RO und 4RO-ISO
  • multisio D2-4AO, 4-time analog-output
  • multisio D2-1TI2RO, Thermostatmodul

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