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The KBR Modulbus was conceived as connection between KBR eBus devices and their extension modules. The user can establish the data and energy transfer with modules at once with a configured cable bridge.
A wiring error, the most mistake reason, is thus excluded. As physical interface was a six pole RJ12(6P6C) plug connection selected. These cable connection, who is used in the sector of tele-communication, can created easily by the costumer.
The wiring is six pole connected and is as follows wired:

Please note the Modulbus construction guideline.

Modulbus power supply

The power supply of the modules take place via the Modulbus. The power supply unit of the supplying device has to bring the additional power, to supply the connected devices. Depending on the supplying device, the number of clients is limited. The power consumption of the individual Modul devices area different and even can change because of the input status. The following table show the power consumption and supply, in the worst case:


Type Consumption Supply
multicomp ..D6 6,0W
multisio ..D6 6,0W
multimax ..D6 6,0W
multisys ..D4-PS24V 10,0W
multisys ..D2-BSBS 5,0W
multisys ..D2-ESBS 5,0W
multisys ..D2-BSET 4,0W
multisio ..D2-4DI 2,0W
multisio ..D2-4AI 1,0W
multisio ..D2-4CI 1,2W
multisio ..D2-1TI2RO 1,0W
multisio ..D2-4RO 1,3W
multisio ..D2-4RO-ISO 1,3W
multisio ..D2-4TI 1,0W
multimess ..D4-BS 0,0W
Display ..-DS 1,0W

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