Load profile

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Load profile in the energy supply designate the time course of the power or consumption. The individual values ​​are recorded and stored in a periodic time grid. Depending on the medium, the period duration is typically 15 or 60 minutes. In visual energy, the period duration is defined uniformly per OBIS measure.

A load profile memory is built in eBus devices. So that load profile data from different measuring points can be compared or combined with each other, not only the same period duration but above all the same synchronization time is crucial. This is ensured by the synchronization procedure:

  • External: A contact on the device synchronizes the measurement period.
  • eBus: A broadcast command via the eBus synchronizes the measurement period.
  • Internal: After an external synchronization command (contact or eBus), the next synchronizations are triggered internally via the device clock. The distance is determined by the parameterized period
    In addition, methods such as synchronization monitoring ensure system-wide uniform recording and thus plausible evaluations.

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