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In addition to the individually user-defined dashboards and report created by using the Dashboard Designer, there are a number of standard reports available.

  • Standard reports can be generated spontaneously (ad-hoc) or via a recurring report task.
  • Standard reports are media-specific.
  • Standard reports can be created for an entire project or for individual locations.
  • The default output type is PDF. However, other output formats (HTML, text, …) can be created using a stylesheet.

The selection of a report is made via an assistant. Click the button in the document archive

If a recurring report task is created, the output time must be specified:

Currently available standard reports:

Info Project Location
The sum of all measurements that are type of ‘utility supply’ for the specified period. 1000-Projekt Einspeisung 1100-Standort Einspeisung
The sum of all measurements that are type of ‘consumption’ for the specified period. 1001-Projekt Verbrauch 1101-Standort Verbrauch
The sum of all energy use, for the specified period. 1002-Projekt Energienutzen 1102-Standort Energienutzen
The sum of all cost centers, for the specified period. 1003-Projekt Kostenstellen 1103-Standort Kostenstellen
The sum of all intermediate measurements, for the specified period. 1105-Standort Zwischenmessungen
The monthly totals of all measurements of the type ‘utility supply’. 1006-Projekt Einspeisung Jahr 1106-Standort Jahresbericht Bezug
The individual maxima of all measurements of the type ‘utility supply’ at the time of the total maximum. 1007-Projekt Maxima 1107-Standort Maxima Bezug
The individual maxima of energy use at the time of the total maximum. 1008-Projekt Maxima Energienutzen 1108-Standort Maxima Energienutzen
The individual maxima of cost centers at the time of the total maximum. 1009-Projekt Maxima Kostenstellen 1109-Standort Maxima Kostenstellen


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