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A Dashboard is an individually created website, that either shows within the visual energy application or without user login outside visual energy, e.g. access on the intranet. For creation use a Dashboard-Designer.

Properites and Permissions

  • A Dashboard can be set as the start page. This will be displayed to all Project users after their login.
  • For each dashboard can be set individually, whether be needed a login or whether could be open the site via link.
  • If a login is required, individual permissions can be granted to users. So the editor can set exactly who can see or edit the dashboard.
  • Dashboards are independent HTML5 websites and can be optimized for different display-devices (e.g. monitor or smartphone).
  • Dashboards can be optimized for printings. Controls etc. can hide for printing.
  • With a Workflow can be a Dashboard time controlled, server-side generated and e.g. send as a PDF per e-mail.

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