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With a Area mark in visual energy, you can show a Level-Time Chart or a time pattern. So, for example working days or holidays can shown in color. Additionally, a value upper and lower limit can be set for a Area mark. So limits in charts can be shown.

Area marks you can find in the Evaluation area.

Add Area mark

  1. Select in the Evaluation area the entry ‘Area marks’ in the project tree.
  2. Use the button  to add a new Area mark.
  3. Complete the information in the properties dialog:


You can use either a individual calendar, Project-calendar or Location-calendar as basic.

  • Project or Location-calendar knows only the day types (week days, working days, not working days, holidays).
  • User defined calendar can contains as many as desired date and time information.


  • Area – two parameter (Value 1, Value 2). Marking will be shown as a area.
  • Line – one parameter (Value 1). Show as a line.

Value 1 / Value 2

This values defines the high on the y-axis. Use a absolute numerical value or the option max / min. With this option can set the lower edge to the baseline or the upper edge to the respective maximum value, independent of the scale.


With selection of a unit, you can set the association to a y-scale.


Here you can preset a color for the mark.

Import iCalendar

When you are using a user defined calendar, you can import the entries from a exist iCalendar (RFC5545) file (e.g. Outlook).

  • Export the calendar entries (.ICS file)
  • Set a area mark, based on a user defined calendar.
  • Select ‘Import’ in the properties.

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