visual energy has all it takes to successfully complete the energy efficiency mission: powerful functions, an intuitive interface and intelligent technologies.

Precise in every way

In energy data management, everything is based on the continuous and precise measurement and recording of you energy consumption. visual energy helps you measure data with 100 % accuracy.

Record any media and state:

  • Electricity/current
  • Water in any state
  • Heating/cooling
  • Compressed air/nitrogen
  • Oil/fill level
  • Operating hours
  • Temperature/humidity
  • Fuel
  • And much more …

Guaranteed plausibility for all measured data

visual energy automatically checks your energy data for plausibility and reliably prevents mismatches between measured values and energy flows.

Flexible data import and export

  • eBus, Modbus
  • PDF
  • CSV
  • OPC
  • Input data using a mobile device
  • And much more …

Exploit savings potential

With energy data management in visual energy, you can see your savings and optimization potential.

Powerful analysis and visualization functions

  • Detect behavior patterns with filter analysis
  • Well-arranged level-time charts
  • Custom dashboards and reports
  • Load profile measurement and processing
  • Automatic consumption monitoring
  • Sankey diagrams
  • Automatic balancing group creation
  • Cost center and energy use management
  • Generate codes
  • And much more …

Easy data management

Use the integrated Excel add-in to get your energy data in PDF formal or as an Excel spreadsheet to process them further.

Various data processing interfaces and formats

  • Excel add-in for individual evaluations and flexible code generation
  • Data output and transfer in current and standardized formats such as PDF, CSV, MSCONS or OPC
  • MSCONS format for easy communication with all parties in the energy market
  • Automatically generated reports based on customized user plans
  • OBIS codes


Precise recording and error-free transmission of energy data

In energy data management, everything is based on precise measurement and the continuous recording of your energy consumption. visual energy ensures 100 % accurate measured data and provides structured and correct visualization. Your energy data is automatically checked for plausibility upon recording. This reliably prevents mismatches between measured values and energy flows. With comfortable workflows and the integrated Excel add-in, you have additional tools for effective energy data management.

  • Comfortable data import and export

    • International standards such as EDIFACT or MSCONS for smooth communication, e.g. with your energy provider
    • Automatically records meter readings with Modbus (RTU serial or TCP) or OPC (M-Bus, BACNET, Profibus etc.)
    • Measures meter readings and load profile values with KBR eBus devices (serial or TCP)
    • Transfers data using CSV files to adapt workflows and export as PDF
    • Easily supports various additional bus systems (via converter or OPC)
    • Use the Android app to manually enter meter readings on site or transfer them using the online form
  • Safe and complete energy data

    • Continuous load profile recording
    • Status labeling in accordance with BDEW metering code and the VDE application rule
    • Automatic and manual substitute value formation
    • Store data in the measuring devices
    • Reliable functional monitoring of measuring points
  • Comprehensive energy data management

    • Load profile evaluation
    • Consumption and billing management
    • Total analysis
    • Cost center management
    • Energy use management
    • Automatic energy volume monitoring
  • Excel add-in for flexible code generation and smooth data transfer


    visual energy comes with an Excel add-in to generate codes. It is easy to use and lets you generate an infinite number of unique codes. Production figures are recorded and saved in different systems. Most of them have an Excel interface. This allows you to generate the required codes without any error-prone detours.

  • Workflows for automated processes


    A big plus of energy data management with visual energy is working with workflows. Workflows are predefined standard actions for the most common applications or individually defined routines that help you control your processes quickly, reliably and without any errors. Many tasks and processes are completed almost automatically with minimum effort.

  • Custom dashboards and reports


    Get a clear overview of all relevant information. Personalize how the data is displayed according to your requirements without needing any programming skills: a graphical plant overview with codes, informative load profile diagrams or consumption values for cost centers, for example. The dashboard designer provides you with all the tools you need to clearly visualize your facts and figures in no time.

  • Well-arranged level-time charts


    Once you have loaded your data into your diagram, you can use your level-time chart to make even the most complex evaluation without any delay. With only a few clicks, any consumption behavior, no matter how complex, can be visualized and analyzed. The defined values are loaded in the browser once and the result is visualized in real time every time you change the parameters. Long loading times are a thing of the past. Another highlight is the possibility to compare different media (e.g. outdoor temperature in relation to heating costs) in a diagram. You can customize your diagram design anytime, as a bar, line or area chart. You can also adapt the display colors as you like.

  • Detailed filter analyses


    To reduce energy consumption, the energy manager has to detect weaknesses in the energy consumption behavior and initiate improvements. This is possible with the visual energy filter analysis function. With only a few clicks, any consumption behavior, no matter how complex, can be visualized and analyzed: the company’s energy flows become transparent and you can optimize energy efficiency.

  • Convenient area selection


    This function highlights particularly noteworthy sections within evaluations, diagrams or reports. This way, you immediately see special tariff times, acute high-load windows, critical frost limits or standard-compliant voltage ranges.

Example 01: Documentation of noise emissions


As a reaction to local residents complaining, a company’s noise emissions are to be recorded and documented.


Sound level meters with analog outputs are installed in the outdoor area of the company. The outputs are connected to a multisio D2-4AI. The noise emissions are saved for evidence purposes using visual energy. If the maximum noise level is exceeded, the employee responsible is immediately notified by e-mail.

Example 02: Temperature control in a data center


Monitoring of fuses of the individual racks in a data center.  In case of an imminent overload, a warning is to be issued.


The currents in the racks are measured with a multisio D2-4CI. Additionally, the temperature in the data center is monitored with a multisio D2-4TI. At 80 % of the fuse current, a warning is sent to the employees in charge. The racks and the room can be seen online in visual energy. A red diode lights up if the defined warning thresholds are exceeded and the responsible employee is notified by e-mail.

Example 03: Recording operating hours


The equipment is to be maintained after a certain amount of operating hours instead of at a fixed date.


Machine and plant control reports during operation. The signals are registered by a multisio D2-4DI. Then they are analyzed in visual energy to determine when maintenance is necessary.


Acquiring plausible data and detecting potentials

Optimum energy management is based on the fault-free evaluation of your measured energy data. Thanks to the automatic plausibility check, incorrect virtual measured data is a thing of the past. You can assign consumption measurements to cost centers and energy benefits by percentage (up to 100 %). With exact data analyses and visualizations, visual energy makes it easy for you to detect and exploit savings and optimization potential. Furthermore, automated workflows for standard actions or individually defined routines make your everyday working life easier.

  • OBIS codes


    visual energy assigns a unique energy label in accordance with the BDEW metering code to every measured value. Explained using the example of electrical energy, this means that energy consumption values in kWh cannot always be added automatically (e.g. with cost centers, billing, etc.). Energy can be consumed or recovered. They have different directions and must not be added in any case. Furthermore, other energy types are also expressed in kWh (e.g. heat). To prevent wrong billing or balances, visual energy adds the valid OBIS code in accordance with the BDEW metering code to every measured value. This rules out unintentional user errors.

  • Status labeling


    In the KBR system, each individual measured value is transmitted with a status label (as required by the BDEW metering code). You immediately get the unambiguous information whether or not the measuring device has measured all values and transmitted them to the database.

  • Secure data thanks to workflows


    Workflows ensure user comfort and plausible data when working with visual energy. These automated routines are predefined for the most common standard actions and can be easily adapted to specific requirements. With data checked for plausibility, you can complete the most different tasks in a few clicks.

  • Automatic and manual substitute value formation


    The system detects any missing measured values and replaces them in accordance with the BDEW metering code. Your energy data is also completed with plausible substitute values in case of data loss. Of course, you can always enter manual changes as well.

  • Automatic balancing group calculation


    With simple predefined drawing objects, you can precisely map the structure of your supply network. Forgotten measurements, incorrect formulas or incorrect energy flow direction are a thing of the past thanks to balancing group calculation.

  • Load profile measurement and processing


    You can capture your energy data by recording load profiles or meter readings. The advantage of load profile recording is that the devices’ energy consumption behavior is saved in the KBR measuring devices for 4 weeks. In case of an error (data cannot be retrieved), data loss is not a problem and you can rely on complete load profile data.

  • Data storage in the measuring devices (3-stage data security)


    Data security is our priority. Your measured data is not only saved on the individual devices, but also on the bus master. In visual energy’s SQL database, the data is then merged for long-term storage. This ensures that your data will not get lost in the event of disruptions.


Security as a recipe for successful energy management

visual energy features a series of important monitoring functions that help you maintain control of your energy costs at all times. A clearly structured rights management system, TÜV certification in accordance with ISO 50001 and early detection of overloads help you prevent production downtimes and eliminate any potential energy guzzlers.

  • TÜV-certified ISO 50001 software


    visual energy has been certified in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard and qualifies for subsidies granted by the BAFA (German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control). With the recertification, TÜV Süd (German Technical Inspection Association) confirmed visual energy’s high energy data consistency and plausibility, representing a unique selling point in the field of energy data management systems*.

    * TÜV Süd audit report from July 2016

  • Regular system checks


    visual energy’s integrated consumption monitoring feature ensures that neither unrealistically high nor unrealistically low consumption values go unnoticed. The latter happens particularly often if manual readings are forgotten or if there is an interference in the measurement Operation.

  • Regular system checks


    On request, we will monitor your system’s telemetry data. In this context, we do not only check the functionality of the devices used, but also any running Windows services. We can remedy errors with remote maintenance, making sure your energy data management system runs smoothly all the time, allowing you to concentrate on energy efficiency measures.

  • Functional monitoring of measuring points


    visual energy does not only independently and continuously monitor the function of connected measuring devices, but also the connection of the individual bus segments. In case of a malfunction, you are immediately notified by e-mail.

  • Fuse monitoring secureF


    In combination with KBR eBus devices, visual energy guarantees continuous electrical fuse monitoring. The system can detect line, fuse, main switch and transformer overloads in the run-up to a potential disruption. As the user, you can define an individual threshold value for every measuring device. If this threshold is reached, the technical team is notified right away. This way, possible production downtimes caused by overload can be detected in advance. This increases operational safety. Blown fuses are also detected and reported right away.

  • secureC compensation monitoring


    Naturally, the focus is on avoiding reactive current costs. Unfortunately, the network harmonics influence the existing compensation systems in a way that it is in most cases impossible to maintain the intended capacity. This can cause dangerous resonance effects. With the protected secureC concept, KBR and visual energy ensure security here, as well. Don’t leave anything to chance.

  • Power quality with multiwave and class A measuring devices 


    Security and cost-effectiveness are central factors in companies. Technical infrastructure such as machines, production facilities or office equipment must work faultlessly. Together with class A KBR measuring devices and devices of the multiwave line, visual energy provides everything you need for excellent network quality.

  • Comfortable rights management for individual users


    With visual energy, you can define the data arrangement that is best for your needs. Whether it be for your managing director, technical manager, energy manager or your employees, you can assign each user individual rights not only for specific locations, but also for individual mediums. For the administrator, only having to set up each user role once is a tremendous help.


Your perfect visual energy package

visual energy is available in a satnd-alone version, as all-in-one package or cloud solution. All versions are quick and easy to successfully integrate into your business processes. Another plus: each package can be scaled independently of the company size – for a small business as well as for a large group.


visual energy as a single solution for existing systems

You only want to buy the software and install it on your own servers? That is no problem at all: visual energy can also be integrated into existing systems as a stand-alone solution and also works with measuring devices of other manufacturers.


The full package including server and comprehensive service

A software and hardware package that leaves nothing to be desired. You get the most current version of the visual energy software including SQL and web server on a KBR 19-inch rack. On request, we also set up all relevant requirements for your project before delivering the hardware to you.


The cloud-based application for maximum flexibility

If you do not want to take care of software updates and database maintenance, the cloud package is perfect for you. Data backup included. Fast and secure server connections let you work with the highest possible flexibility from day 1.

Do you have any questions?

You don’t know which package to choose for your company? Contact us! We will provide you with competent advice.

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Oettinger Brauerei GmbH

»Energy consumption lowered sustainably«
As part of the introduction of the energy management system ISO 50001, we were looking for an efficient, complete system for recording our electricity consumption, whose data can be accessed quickly and tailored to the responsible person. We found such a system with visual energy and measuring technology from KBR. By using the system, we were able to optimize our processes energetically and sustainably reduce energy consumption.
Heiko Michel, Leiter Instandhaltung


»Notification if something is out of control«
With KBR's visual energy, we know what's happening in our plants and are notified when things get out of hand!
Robert Franzen, Process automation


»Complete detection of energy flows«
The software solution visual energy from KBR offers us the opportunity to record and display energy flows and consumption of various media in our company without gaps. As a result, different production processes and states can be analyzed very precisely. Through these analyzes, we are able to uncover potential savings and to continuously improve our energy use.
Ulrich Leikeim, Geschäftsführer

Energy supply Leverkusen

»Evaluate energy flows and find savings potential«
With visual energy and the measuring devices from KBR, our customers can record, visualize and evaluate all energy flows seamlessly. As an energy supplier, we operate our own cloud with the KBR software, with which we provide our customers with their measured consumption data transparently. By communicating directly with our customers, we achieve a high level of customer loyalty potential, because together we can evaluate the energy flows and find savings potential. We also use the applications to support our customers with the requirements of the energy audits EN 16247 or ISO 50001. KBR is always at your side with its competent developers and friendly support staff.
Olaf Skandera, Zertifizierter Energiemanager

Kaiser Bräu GmbH & Co. KG

»Capture energy flows completely«
With visual energy from KBR we have received a multi-faceted software with which all energy flows can be recorded, visualized and evaluated completely. Numerous tools such as the Excel add-in or customizable dashboards adapt the software as tailor-made to the circumstances of each individual company. By dividing the measuring points into cost centers, production processes can be analyzed in detail, which shows potential savings and continuously improves energy-related performance.
Stefan Benaburger, Energiemanagementbeauftragter


»Intelligent energy data management«
With visual energy, we have at our disposal a central tool for cross-plant and multi-site intelligent energy data management. The continuous consistency check and the possibility of intelligent replacement value generation on a meter basis make it possible to provide all energy-relevant data of the company quickly and in high resolution and quality. Through the consistent use of load profile data and the consistent balancing group formation in connection with the possibilities of the flexible workflow technology, we are able to carry out high-quality analyzes and a sustainable reduction of our energy requirement even for complex questions.
Ralf Sternitzke, Leiter Energiemanagement

Privatbrauerei M.C. Wieninger GmbH & Co. KG

»User-friendly evaluations«
We chose the KBR system because it is very user-friendly and allows us to optimally evaluate our various energy and consumption data.
Bernhard Löw, 1. Braumeister / Prokurist

Richter Elektronik GmbH

»Impressed EM auditor«
Richter Elektronik GmbH uses visual energy for energy data acquisition and evaluation in its printed circuit board plant. Due to the high level of satisfaction, especially with regard to the service provided by KBR, we have repeatedly expanded the system since its introduction. During a demonstration during an energy audit in our company, the certification body auditor was enthusiastic about the possibilities that visual energy offers in the visualization and recording of non-electrical consumption such as water, gas, heat, cold and compressed air.
Manuel Müller, Energiemanager


»Minimal personnel costs with a high information content«
From the single metering point to data management, KBR offers a closed system with good service and innovative functions. The Aryzta Bakeries Germany GmbH uses the system u.a. to meet the requirements of ISO 50001. We are in a position to to record all relevant energy flows without gaps. The dashboard feature supports operations management. The personnel costs are minimal with a high information content.
Jens Bernstein, Energy Manager


»Demonstrate saving potentials«
The Mubea Group has been using the KBR system successfully for many years at 43 different locations (not all of which have been expanded yet) in 15 different countries. It makes it easier for us to work as well as to demonstrate potential savings and thus supports us in the requirements of the ISO 50001. We are very satisfied with the possibilities of the flexible system and have not yet reached the limits of the system. The service is fast and efficient and we look forward to good cooperation.
Tobias Hofmann, Energiemanager Weltweit (Mubea-Gruppe)

Heuchemer Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG

»Key figure formation in visual energy«
KBR supplies us with measuring devices for recording our energy consumption. On the basis of "visual energy" we can evaluate the measurements as well as formulate key figures and, in addition, group measuring points on energy benefits or cost centers. Orders are delivered quickly, the service staff are friendly and if problems occur quickly.
Florian Zöller, Energiemanagementbeauftragter


»Uncovering energy potentials«
visual energy shows the energy managers, but also each individual who is significantly involved in energy consumption, a multitude of possibilities to create evaluations of energy consumption, to establish a transparency of energy consumption and thus to uncover energy potentials.
Marcel Karpf, Energy Manager Borbet Inc.


»The perfect toolbox for energy managers.«
visual energy stellt dem Energiemanager eine Toolbox zur Verfügung mit der er alle seine Anforderungen effizient und effektiv erfüllen kann. visual energy ist ein ganzheitlicher Lösungsansatz im Energiedatenmanagement. visual energy gives energy managers a toolbox which caters to all of their needs efficiently and effectively. visual energy is a holistic approach to energy data management. Software and hardware are ideally matched, making it possible to create or adjust all of the measuring points, evaluations and analyses in next to no time at any time.
Joerg Rauhtaeschlein, Senior Facility Manager

Siegsdorfer Petrusquelle

»All of our energy costs under control – thanks to visual energy«
Since we started using visual energy we have even greater transparency of our energy consumption and have been able to identify considerable energy-saving potential. The visualization of our energy consumption has enabled us to improve our energy efficiency.
Hermann Stadler, CEO

Stiftung Attl

»Short payback period«
With visual energy we are now able to display the energy consumption of our estate transparently, bill consumers proportional to consumption, and spot anomalies in consumption at an early stage. It has also enabled us to cut our energy costs in the long term. The investment will pay off quickly.
Markus Dullinger, Head of technical management

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

»Clear and simple«
Two people at our plant manage over 800 measuring points for various media using visual energy. The system is clear and intuitive, easy to operate and guarantees a high degree of operational safety and reliability thanks to permanent monitoring. Warnings and alarms are sent by e-mail and inform the user in good time in the event of predefined thresholds being exceeded or fallen short of – helping us to avoid unwelcome surprises due to production stoppages.
Meisinger Thomas, operation and maintenance TGA


»Energy data recording with open interfaces to the building management system«
For several years we have been using KBR visual energy with conviction to record our energy requirements. Due to the open interfaces in visual energy (OPC, Modbus) the system is very flexible and thus connects to other BMS systems. This enables us to also record non-system data in correlation to energy consumption. Thanks to the web-based user and administration interface in visual energy, proprietary software is no longer required and it is therefore possible to provide relevant data and reports to all areas of the company on a user-specific basis.
Sebastian Mitscherlich, Head of Object Management